Where We Operate

The area shaded grey in the interactive map is the area in which we operate.  This is the public land through which the creek flows downstream from Castlemaine as well as the elevated freehold land known as Honeycomb Bushland Reserve to the west.

To use the map

On a desktop computer:

  • use the mouse click and drag to move around the screen.
  • To zoom in or out of the map use the mouse scroll wheel or click the “+” or “–“ buttons at bottom left of the screen.
  • Click on “Keyboard shortcuts” at the bottom right of the screen to learn ways of navigating using the keyboard.
  • If you click on the grey shading, you’ll see that we’ve created named zones.
  • You can see a list of all eight zones if you click the square at top left (left of “Friends of Campbells Creek”).
  • Clicking on a zone in that list should zoom the map into that zone.
  • You can open the map full screen in a new window by clicking the four corner icon at the top right of the map window below.  In the new window you’ll be able to turn off the satellite view

On a touch screen drag two fingers to move around the screen. Stretch your fingers apart or pull them together to zoom in or out.  All the clicks described above are done by touching.