Our Stories

Friends of Campbells Creek member receives landcare award

Founding member Ian Higgins received the Australian individual landcarer award for Victoria in 2017.  Bendigo West’s member of parliament, Maree Edwards congratulates him and other local awardees.

Win TV news covers Friends of Campbells Creek achievements

Win TV follow up on the landcarer award featuring Stephen Ellis and Ian Higgins

Our success with platypus conservation

Our aim to increase the platypus population and its health / reproductive success. Find out more

Profile of our group, some of our members and activities

Video our members shot and edited about our group and some of our activities.  This was made for presentation at a Connecting Country event.

Public announcement of funding to complete the Campbells Creek Primary Trail

Bendigo West’s member of parliament, Maree Edwards announces $1.2 million funding to complete the trail and another footpath to Campbells Creek football ground.