Miles Geldard


Miles moved to Castlemaine in 1994 and more recently to Campbells Creek with his young family when they joined the group. He is a former park ranger and has a passion for hollow dependent wildlife and people interacting with their environment.

“I am inspired by the Friends of Campbells Creek’s many years of environmental work and their commitment to working with the local community and its leaders to achieve what they have.”


Terry Bellair


Terry joined the Friends of Campbells Creek in 2015, after relocating to Castlemaine from a property on the Loddon River at Glenlyon. He has been involved with Landcare for over 25 years and served on the board of the North Central CMA. He is a semi-retired environmental science consultant.

“It is a privilege to be a member of the Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare Group, which has achieved so much over the past 20 years in enhancing the environmental values of the Campbells Creek floodplain, following its devastation by gold dredging and subsequent years of neglect.”


Ian Higgins

Environmental Officer

Ian moved to Campbells Creek in 1990 and has family connections going back to the 1860s gold-rush era.  He initiated restoration work along Castlemaine’s creeks in the mid-1980s and has been working ever since to improve the condition of them and the surrounding riparian land.  With over 30 years of experience in revegetation and natural resource management, Ian is well placed to be our environmental officer.  In 2017 Ian was awarded the Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award for Victoria in recognition of his work.  Ian has been a huge part of the success of the friends group. His knowledge and passion for the environment and his keenness to share his knowledge and engage with others has brought many people together to further the cause.

“The Friends of Campbells Creek is one of the most vibrant landcare groups I’ve ever encountered.  In the last twenty years, the group has achieved a dramatic transformation of what was previously a very degraded urban wasteland.  Being involved in this has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life”.

Kya Moore


Kya moved to the area in 2009 and joined the group a few years back. She stepped into the secretary role in 2023.

“I walk along the creek most days and the beauty of the environment still flutters the heart. I am inspired by the work the Friends have accomplished and continue to do in supporting the health of the waterways. Very grateful to be living here on Djarra Country”

David King

David King

Treasurer/Life Member

After retirement David (and Thea) moved to Castlemaine in 2006, where Ian Higgins discovered them tackling weeds along the Creek.  David has been President and Vice President of the Friends, is a life-member, and has helped to set directions and build our membership each year since then.

“We live next to the creek and every day we see people enjoying the creek-side trails and environment.  The Friends are a great mix of people who we love working and socialising with.   It’s so rewarding to see all ages, kids, and families involved, having fun, and the difference we’re making.”

Thea King

Thea King

Committee Member

After a working life in Melbourne, Thea was delighted to move back to a country life.  Her house overlooks Campbells Creek, and it was a natural step from admiring its bush and wildlife to joining a group devoted to their conservation.  Thea has facilitated workshops, has been Treasurer and Secretary of the Landcare Group.

“Working with a like-minded group of people is an easy way of becoming part of a new community.  The Friends are a generous, spirited group of people with diverse backgrounds and a wide range of skills.”


Stephen Ellis

Committee Member/
Life Member

Stephen and his family moved to Campbells Creek in 2005. Not long after that they joined the group. He has been Vice President and President several times and is a Life Member. Stephen had no experience in landscape restoration before joining the group. The knowledge gained through the group`s activities, working bees and special events has been a fantastic opportunity to learn about local and indigenous plant species, for this very enthusiastic home gardener.

“The creek reserve runs through the heart of our community, it is ever present. Being able to contribute to the local environment has been a wonderful experience. We have a very active group with an enthusiastic membership.”