About Us

Our group was formed in 2000 when a public meeting called for better environmental management following a release of untreated sewage into Campbells Creek. Since then, we’ve worked to protect, restore and improve the waterways and surrounding public land, and open them up to community access. We’re an inclusive group of volunteers covering a wide range of ages, abilities and experience. We take time to enjoy the social side of our activities.,

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About our Landcare Group

Welcome to Friends of Campbells Creek

We are a group of local residents and volunteers who work to protect and improve the environment in the Campbells Creek catchment.  “Our Vision is to make the Creek and creek-side lands:  A Community Asset – a healthy, restored environment, linked with nearby habitat, actively used and cared for by the community and visitors.”

We undertake weed control, planting indigenous species, encourage regeneration, and work to improve access to the creek for everyone’s enjoyment, recreation and education.

We hold  monthly Working Bees with morning tea – which typically run from 10am till noon, or earlier in summer.  Details are posted on Facebook, here on our website, and are emailed to our members 1 week beforehand.

We welcome new members, or anyone who just wants to join in.